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palubky prkna drevo kladno

These boards are meant for covering walls, floors, terraces and are most often made from quality spruce, pine or larch center wood. Boards are available in many categories of quality according to criteria, marked with a different letter (A, A/B, C). First of all, number, size and look, such as cracks or knots, is taken into account.

We offer planking, floor and terrace boards.

An important characteristic for board laths is humidity; the standard is around 12%. It is convenient to lay down floor boards meant for inside into the room they will be used in for about 2-3 weeks. The material will adjust that way to the conditions and will last longer. Although, mind that you must keep the boards on a dry and straight floor, or else they might curve during the process.


Another important factor influencing the life span of boards is their paint, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Except for boards our company Elkom PP – boards Kladno offer OSB desksflitchs,raftersconstruction lumber a planed wood – all to be seen in our continuously actualized offer.

boards pricing

planking boards

DruhKvalitaTyp peraTloušťka (mm)Šířka (mm)Délka (m)Cena (Kč / m2)
SmrkABKrátké12,5963m, 4m155,-
SmrkABDlouhé ( soft )141214.2m, 5.1m170,-
Modřín AKCE!!!A/Btatran191464m, 5m340,-
ModřínABKrátké19963m, 4m329,-
Modřín RHOMBUSABRhombus19964m329,-
SmrkABKrátké191214m, 5.1m cena od195,-
SmrkABKrátké191464,2m, 5,1m205,-
Srubovky, smrkABSrubovky211204,2m, 5,1m225,-
Srubovky, boroviceABSrubovky271864m340,-
Borovice 4PD AKCE!!!BKrátké151212m175,-
Příchytky k palubkám    100ks/balení45,-

floor boards

DruhKvalitaTloušťka (mm)Šířka (mm)Délka (m)Cena (Kč / m2)
SmrkAB191214m, 5m219,-
SmrkAB281464m, 5m315,-
BoroviceAB281464m, 5m325,-
ModřínAB241464m, 5m490,-
Borovice 4PDB151212m175,-

terrace boards

DruhKvalitaTloušťka (mm)Šířka (mm)Délka (m)Cena (Kč / bm)

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palubky prkna drevo kladno