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palubky prkna drevo kladno

OSB desks (short for Oriented Strand Board) are desks pressed from large orientated splinters, which are fixed together by a binder from synthetic resin. At the two outside layers the splinters are orientated along way with the axis of the board, unlike those in the middle who are at a right angle to the axis. Due to high temperature and pressure the binding is activated, and that way OSB desks gain their strength.


  • No knots or cracks that would decrease its strength
  • Suitable usage as carriers, construction desks, coating of roofs
  • OSB desks are harmless material in terms of health
  • Very good isolation characteristics
  • Easy cutting, drilling, painting and other shaping

OSB desks in our offer are in two versions- rough OSB desks and OSB desks as a multifunctional panel.

osb desks prices

DruhRozměrCena (Kč / m2)
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 12mm, 1250/2500mm107,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 15mm, 1250/2500 mm127,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 18mm, 1250/2500 mm156,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 22mm, 1250/2500 mm195,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 12mm, 675/2500 mm117,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 15mm, 675/2500 mm151,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 18mm, 675/2500 mm177,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 22mm, 675/2500 mm214,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 25mm, 675/2500 mm261,-
CETRIS deska – AKČNÍ CENA!!!tl.20mm, 1035/1125 mm215,-
CETRIS deskatl. 12mm, 1250/3350 mm220,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 12mm, 610/2440 mm133,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 15mm, 610/2440 mm157,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 18mm, 610/2440 mm190,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 22mm, 610/2440 mm228,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 25mm, 610/2440 mm261,-

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palubky prkna drevo kladno