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palubky prkna drevo kladno

OSB desks (short for Oriented Strand Board) are desks pressed from large orientated splinters, which are fixed together by a binder from synthetic resin. At the two outside layers the splinters are orientated along way with the axis of the board, unlike those in the middle who are at a right angle to the axis. Due to high temperature and pressure the binding is activated, and that way OSB desks gain their strength.


OSB desks in our offer are in two versions- rough OSB desks and OSB desks as a multifunctional panel.

osb desks prices

DruhRozměrCena (Kč / m2)
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 12mm, 1250/2500mm107,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 15mm, 1250/2500 mm127,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 18mm, 1250/2500 mm156,-
OSB 3 nebroušenátl. 22mm, 1250/2500 mm195,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 12mm, 675/2500 mm117,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 15mm, 675/2500 mm151,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 18mm, 675/2500 mm177,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 22mm, 675/2500 mm214,-
OSB 3 nebroušená 4PDtl. 25mm, 675/2500 mm261,-
CETRIS deska – AKČNÍ CENA!!!tl.20mm, 1035/1125 mm215,-
CETRIS deskatl. 12mm, 1250/3350 mm220,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 12mm, 610/2440 mm133,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 15mm, 610/2440 mm157,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 18mm, 610/2440 mm190,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 22mm, 610/2440 mm228,-
DURELIS vodovzdorná 4PDtl. 25mm, 610/2440 mm261,-

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palubky prkna drevo kladno