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palubky prkna drevo kladno

KVH is massive construction wood added together by tooth binding. It is a natural 4 side planed construction material with perfect construction characteristics. KVH timbers are dried to such humidity that is a natural protection from biological pests, for protection from fire they are provided with cut down edges. KVH construction timbers fulfill the basic demands for constructions in modern building; they are made from coniferous wood, mostly spruce and larch. The basic versions of KVH differentiate only is esthetic characteristics of their surface.

Among the largest pluses of KVH construction timbers belongs their variability of length, they can be as long as 18 meters and permanent shape. Also, they are harmless in terms of health. KVH timbers have universal usage in today’s time, for example as separate constructions of installed wooden houses, as rafters, roof laths but also crossbars in apartments. Thanks to their stability, KVH timber often replace classic cut timbers.

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