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palubky prkna drevo kladno

Classic planks serve as grateful material in homes and on construction sites suitable for covers (of roofs for example), wooden rails, fences, floors and other purposes according to need.

The customer has the possibility to choose exactly the suitable planks for his need. For building we recommend to use our shorted planks, on the other hand planed wood, shaped from all four sides, is suitable for covering facades or putting up fences.


As other construction lumber (roof and fence lathsflitchsplaned woodOSB desksand more) even planks undergo the same procedure of production. We are talking about the process of alongside cutting of segments from a log.

planks pricing

DruhRozměrCena (Kč / m3)
Prkna (II.jakost)3,0m; 4,0m; 5,0m3 900,-
Prkna3,0m; 3,5m4 000,-
Prkna4,0m; 5,0m4 100,-
Prkna šírkově tříděná10cm; 12cm; 15cm; 20cm4 600,-
Dřevěné brikety10kg47,-

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