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Fuel wood

palubky prkna drevo kladno

As many companies working with wood, so do we offer our customers also another supply – fuel wood. Not everything we work with must gain the shape of a boardOSB desk,flitchs or rafter of lath, in what case we can offer also wood to burn down.

Wood is a traditional material used as fuel and many prefer it to manufactory produces wooden briquettes or even gas or electricity. Fuel wood is certainly a step forward, a step to ecology and harmlessness towards our planet, which certainly need to put some strain down.

All fuel wood offered is from materials that we normally use to produce our assortment (boards, rafters, planed wood). If you are truly interested in fuel wood, call us and write us, we will gladly get you the wood, you need, of course in the amount and quality desired.

You can use the email address peceny@elkompp.cz or telephone number +420 312 240 360 also in those cases, when you are just interested in something about fuel wood or have any other question.

By buying fuel wood from us you will save yourself work with cutting down trees by yourself and their afterwards chopping, and not to forget the need to get permission for such an act. With us, your heat and comfort is secured just by contacting our company Elkom P.P s.r.o.

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