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Metal production

palubky prkna drevo kladno

At moment we aren’t too busy with wood and have some time to spare, we create classic or fancy handrailsfences gatesdoorsprotective bars and steel constructions according to the customer’s wishes. Shortly, anything that fits under the two words metal and production.

If the customers wish so, we can provide our metal products with hot-dip galvanization or protective paint. Also here we try to keep the rule that every wish of our client is seen to with maximum effort.

We also deal with projecting, producing and building telecommunication poles and stands, also for these works it is possible to contact our company.

And that is still not it, except from metal production, we also provide electric installs, measuring and regulating, welding repairs of aluminum, electric provision of buildings and creating electric connections up to 22 kV!

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If you wish, we can provide hot-dip galvanization or protective paint for our products.

We have great professional experiences and we use our own equipped workshops. Only this way can we secure maximum quality of our metal products, which can be relied on anytime.

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The prices of metal production are set according to the used materials and difficulty of the demand. That is why we do not have one price list, but create for each new customer his own price plan. Contact us and we exactly tell you, what services and for what prices we can offer you.